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Kathy Behrends 08.01.2003 at 21:17
I'm so sorry to hear of loss of your beautiful son. No words can comfort such a loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you, always remember GOD has a reason for everything even if we can't possibly understand why. May GOD bless you and your family during the healing and forgiving process and not make your heart bitter. Brendan will always live in your heart.

Kathy Behrends 08.01.2003 at 21:16
I'm so sorry to hear of loss of your beautiful son. No words can comfort such a loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you, always remember GOD has a reason for everything even if we can't possibly understand why. May GOD bless you and your family during the healing and forgiving process and not make your heart bitter. Brendan will always live in your heart.;url=http%3a%2f%2fRiver%20Oaks%2c%20TX

Shannon Biggs 08.01.2003 at 21:14
I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss and unanswered questions. I am one of the officers that sees Ivan everytime I go to work. IT's hard to look at him. I didnt get a chance to help look for your son I always had to work on the times they were out searching. He is always on my mind. I know he celebrated his birthday & that must of been one of the hardest days. My thoughts and prayers are with you. The best thing we can all do if keep your son's memory alive forever. Sincerly, Shannon Biggs

April 07.31.2003 at 21:13
I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about Brendan, he is an adorable little boy,and I can not imagine what you must be going through, I pray every day that you will find him and he can be laid to rest peacefully, It blows my mind that a father would do that to their own little boy like that, he will have his day and he will pay for what he has done to Brendan and your family. I have a little boy who turned 5 on July 27th and I could not imagine life with out him, he asked me when Ivan first took Brendan from you what happened to that little boy, after I explained it to him , he said I hope they find him , hes just my age, and he still asks me all the time if they have found him yet.every time we drive down highway 50 past the landfill,he has a new question for me about Brendan. again I am soooo sorry about your loss, and I wish you the best, and I hope Ivan pays for what he has done to your son.

SUE LEWIS 07.31.2003 at 21:13

Lindsay 07.30.2003 at 21:12
I am so sorry to hear what happened to Brendan. Gods Blessings are over his family and him. I know how it feels to lose someone or something else but, it is very touching if you see his picture's and maybe start to cry because of those memories of him. God will watch over Brendan's family and prayers are with his family also. We hope they are still looking and find Brendan. If they don't we know he is safe and with God in Heaven. I am so sorry for his loss, I know i am only 12 and saying this I know god is listening to everyone's prayers and answering them. God bless your family Brendan and especially you Brendon. If you are up in Heaven Brendon watch over your family and protect and answer there prayers for you.

Judy M. d Allemand 07.30.2003 at 21:02
'We are permitted to grieve because we have been privileged to love. To escape grief at the cost of never having loved is too dear a price to pay.' I grieve with you and pray for Brendan and your family. -- Judi d'Allemand

mary and gary collier 07.30.2003 at 21:01
our prayers are with you. it's so hard to believe people can be so cruel. especially to the young ones. you are in our hearts and i hope and pray that yall do find him. god bless you. this is from and i talk to ljtbrat on the computer and she told me about this.

Jim 07.30.2003 at 21:00
I and my family want to take this time to let you that since we heard of the news we have never stopped praying for you and branden. I have lit a candle and say a rosary every night. As a retired law Enforcement officer of 22 yrs I totaly understand the committment to this typoe of investigation. But, always remember that trying to find the words to thank thiese people is never really that hard for they give of themselves because of the job they do is of the ark angle Michael who was given the job to suppress evil and help the faithful -- we as law enforcement do this everyday unselfishly and with compassion and love -- they do their job because they care -- for you and branden and all they serve. Rest assured that We will never forget you son, nephew, grandson and those who serve to protect us and the evil that walks this earth. With love and Our prayers the Laudenklos' Family -- Kearney Nebraska

Blake and Shannon Kondracki 07.30.2003 at 21:00
We would like to express are deepest sympathy for you, and your family. We know in our hearts that Brendan will be found, and you will be able to give him the memorial that all of you deserve. We hope that in this time of grief you are able to find the hope and the strength to go on. We will keep your family and Brendan in our prayers, and we will pray for his return to you. Sincerely, Blake, Shannon, Anthony, and Sebastian Kondracki

Ina 07.29.2003 at 20:59
Thoughts and prayers go out to all of you every time I see that little guy's picture on TV. You will stay in my prayers every day. God Bless that little angel of a boy.

michelle 07.29.2003 at 20:58
rebecca and family my heart and prayers are with you this story has affected me since the day it broke everytime i see picture of brendan i cry and i wonder is he still out there somewhere?? i dont believe hes in that landfill i just wish ivan would tell the truth.. i hope and pray that they dont let him outta jail till we know where little brendan is may god bless u all i admire how u all are holding up i have a 2 year old son and couldnt bare to be without him... god bless rebecca email me or call me anytime

CJ. 07.29.2003 at 20:57
I too have cried many times for you and your family. My heart feels like it is breaking for all of you. Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers. My two little ones attend the same school as your Brendan and they both told me... 'Brendan is up in Heaven with God and he will be looking over his Mom, kinda like an angel.' I only wish that their innocent statement could lessen your pain. May GOD Bless you and your family. You will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

The Mueller Family 07.29.2003 at 20:56
We aer very sorry for your loss. We hope that one day you will have closer to this very horrorific tragidy that happen to you and your family.We know that one day you will find Brendan and he will have the proper memorial and the funeral he deserves. Our thoughts and prayers are we u and your family. Sincerly, The Muellers Aaron,Crystal&Emma

Michelle 07.29.2003 at 20:55
I am so sorry for your loss. We often think of you and your family, and we've cried with you many times. We do pray that you find little Brendan and can lay him to rest. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Danielle 07.29.2003 at 20:54
You are a very strong mother, I can only imagine the emotions you are feeling. Use your strength to your advantage to continue fighting for your child. You are Brendan's biggest advocate, don't let anyone or anything stop you. We think about you, your son, and your family every day. I wish you the strength to continue your journey through life... with your adorable guardian angel watching you every step of the way! You will always be in Brendan's heart, as he is in yours!

Jessi Kott 07.29.2003 at 20:53
I just want to say that I have been keeping tab on all of this. I watch the news and read the paper and if it is on the radio, I turn it up. I am only 15 but I still feel deeply sad for you and your family. I hope that you find Brendan so that he can know how loved he is.

CATHEY 07.29.2003 at 20:53

Angie 07.28.2003 at 20:52
I found this thru a site I am a member of. We are all parents of children with disabilities. Please know that every parent from our sight is praying for you. I wish I had words or a magic wand to take your pain away and make your family whole again. You have suffered an unimaginable tradgedy. My heart is just breaking for all of you. Please know this beautiful child lives on your heart and memories. Cherish that and keep him alive. He is in heaven and looking down on you. You all now have a beautiful gaurdian angel. As for Ivan just know when he leaves this life he will answer before God for this evil he has done. God's wrath will never compare to anything he is subjected to here. You all are not alone. Sending many prayers to you all. May God surround you with His love and comfort and carry you through this time of pain. Wishing you much Love- Angie Crosswhite Texas

valerie 07.24.2003 at 20:51
i hope this week is your week i keep praying for you guys and hopefully soon he will be with you again

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