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Loretta 07.21.2003 at 20:50
Rebecca and family, you are in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. Don't ever give up hope. And don't ever let Ivan try to take over you. You have a lot of people behind you. Love, Loretta

The Blair Family 07.21.2003 at 20:50
Dearest Rebecca and family members of Brendan: Please know that you are in our hearts and prayers. We have four: three with us, and one with his mother in LA. We could never imagine losing one of them in this way and cannot begin to imagine your pain! God be with you everyday, and take peace in knowing that no matter what, Brendan is with GOD!

Mary Sparks 07.21.2003 at 20:49
I am praying for you Rebecca that Brendan can have a final resting place. If I could find my son a babysitter I would be out there digging to help find Brendan. How can a father do that to there child. I'm hanging in there with you. Mary

June 07.20.2003 at 20:48
I have been following your story since it started and was horrified when the news showed Brendan's dad yelling he had killed him. I can only imagine the how terrified Brendan must of been knowing his father could do something so awful to his own son. I hope all your search efforts are fruitful and you can finally lay him to rest.

Pam 07.19.2003 at 20:47
Never forget what a wonderful and beautiful son you had. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. May you soar with the Angels Brendan.

Deb 07.19.2003 at 20:46
You will remain in my prayers! I have three children myself, two married and one a father of two. I have gone through many years of hatred and loss of their friendship (not the same as yours but still a loss to me!) and I know the hurt you are going through. something tells me that Brendon may or may not be in the landfill. i too will keep praying that he will be found, if not physically in our site, but in God's! Love and prayers

Kimberly 07.19.2003 at 20:45
I commend your will to carry on, after all you have been through! I have one precious angel and I would not be able to carry on without her. I have prayed for you and your family a lot. I wish for you, to never give up hope and never let Ivan's evil consume you and your life. And, never forget 'Your Little Angel!' Love KIM-

Kimberly 07.19.2003 at 20:45
I commend you on your strength and will to carry on. I have one precious little girl and I don't know where I'd be or what I would do if I lost her. Never stop looking and never let him leasve your heart!!! And what-so-ever, never let Ivan's evil consume you and bring you down!!!

bernie 07.18.2003 at 20:41
Becky, you will always have a friend for life in me. If you need a laugh or just a shoulder to cry on, let me know. I'll be there for you. Don't let Brendan leave your heart and mind and don't let the evil of Ivan take over your life.

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