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deb wesch 08.31.2003 at 21:35
although i was not there, i can greatly feel your pain.i am so sorry this has not come to a closure.i can imagine how this must feel.i have been watching the news every night in hopes that Brendan was found.i am so thoughts and prayers are with you now and always.just thought iwould let you know im thinking of you and your family.take care. a tv viewer

Jennifer Gumm 08.31.2003 at 21:34
Rebecca - As a mother, I cannot imagine what you are feeling. But as the daughter of a murdered parent, I can somewhat relate. I would imagine my mom is in Heaven with Brendan in her arms to hold him safe until you can one day again see him. May justice be served on those who took this angel from you. Pray for comfort and know your baby is watching you from above, smiling over you.;url=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2egeocities%2ecom%2fstatetrooperwife%2f

Bonnie Jean Lovett 08.31.2003 at 21:32
You and your family our in my prayers.

Rebecca DeMauro Team Hope 08.31.2003 at 21:31
Rebecca, I am so honored to see this site. What a beautiful tribute to Brendan. His legacy is shining brightly. I am also glad to have been able to work with you over the past several months. You are strong and are a fighter. I am glad to know you. Your friend, Rebecca DeMauro Team HOPE;url=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2eandissafeplace%2ecom%2f

Lorie 08.30.2003 at 21:30
You are in my thoughts and my prayers.

Mikesha 08.29.2003 at 21:29
I sit and listen to all the details on what is going on with the search of this young child, and I pray everyday that he will soon be found and retured to his mother, I cant feel what she is feeling now, but I can image, I have a 3 old son and hes my world, its a shame that nowadays you cant even trust your own child with his or her family member, I give my heart and soul out to his mother and hope the Lord gets her through this rough time.

Rico and Jackie and Jessie 08.29.2003 at 21:28
Hey guys, we love you all very much... Christmas will never be the same... we like the website... it's a place to connect... we'll check out which pictures you've chosen and get back to you... take care guys, maybe we'll see you soon!

Cindi 08.21.2003 at 21:27
Brendan is an angel now, always with you, always smiling. No tears or pain. Please hold those thoughts to help you through this. It is the most difficult thing a family will EVER experience. And the most difficult to get over. We pray for your peace of mind and faith in the Lord to see you through these terribly dark days.

Jennifer Bennett 08.18.2003 at 21:27
You do not know me, but I have been following your story through Judy. My heart aches for you and your family... My thoughts and prayers are with your entire family in this hard time... Many Hugs, Jenniferr

Tricia and Don 08.14.2003 at 21:26
We are sorry about brendan, our prayers and thoughts go out to u all. hope u find his body soon. may god bless u all love tricia& Don

Jennifer 08.13.2003 at 21:25
No words can express how much I cried when I looked through your photo album. Being a single mom to a 2 year old boy, it breaks my heart to even try to imagine what you and your family must be going through everyday. May God be with you and your family to guide you and give you strength in your dark hours. My heart literally aches for your suffering. I ran upstairs after I looked at your beautiful album and I woke my son up and cried and hugged him because not every parent in the world can do that tonight, I gave him an extra hug for you. Your baby is with the angels, you will be with him again. God bless you, Jennifer in Texas

melissa dunn 08.11.2003 at 21:24
My heart goes out to you. I have two children and cannot imagine the loss you have suffered. I hope you find closure with your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Melissa

kim 08.09.2003 at 21:24
we hope you get closeure soon as a grandma of a 18 month old i would have lost it along time ago stay strong

Nikki 08.07.2003 at 21:23
HEy this is very sad to hear that they quit searching for Brenden I think that was really wrong of his father to say or do the murder and I hope that they get some good clues that lead to him. Im only 13 but I think that was wrong so I hope you will email me back when you get more information. Nikki P.S. Hope that you find what your looking for to finding your son and best wishes from my whole family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brook 08.05.2003 at 21:22
I feel so much saddness for your family and hatred for the evil man who did this. I wish you the best.

Jennifer Cooper 08.04.2003 at 21:22
Sorry to hear that such a horrible man not including the father of your son would do this to him! And I just hope you guys can find him and lay him down at rest. I just want you to know that im here if ya need me just im me or e-mail me! My thoughts and prayers are with you! :( Jennifer

Jacquie 08.04.2003 at 21:20
I just want you to know that you remain in my thoughts & prayers. I still hold out hope with the beginning of each news broadcast....that they will find a new lead & continue the search for your precious little boy. In the meantime, know that God is with you in your grief & through those people who stop & sign this book...he is letting you know that he is here for you. May he wrap his arms around you & your family & rock you gently through each night.

Jamie 08.03.2003 at 21:19
Rebecca, I am praying for you and your family. Remember all the good times you have had with Brendan. He is such a cutie. Your little angel will be forever in your heart. I pray that you will have closure soon. Jamie

susan swanda 08.03.2003 at 21:19
my heart is with you...i searched the landfill for husband is brain dead for 8 yrs now...........i understand how you need need to bring brendan prayers are with all your family

Tiffany Niewohner 08.02.2003 at 21:18
Happy Birthday Brendan. We wish you were home with your mommy to celebrate your special day. Even though you are not 'here' in the physical sense, we know you are here with us and watching over your mommy. You have touched so so many hearts and we all miss and love you. Rest peacefully little angel and know that you are loved. Matt, Tiffany, Logan, Hayden, and Noah

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