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Theodora E. Stubbs 03.12.2005 at 18:14
Dearest Brendan,

I remember the sweet smile that would cross your face as you dreamed when you were only a baby and I remember the way you could bounce for hours on end when you were a toddler...I'm sorry my only memories of you after that are from videos and newscasts. I'm sorry I didn't take the time to get to know you while you were growing up...I'm sorry I put off visiting you because I thought I had more time. I always considered you my godchild and I missed my chances to have you in my life and for that I am truly sorry for not taking the time to know you better, but you did teach me not to take anything for granted...not the love and friendship of your mom, the love and fun of my other godchildren, the litlle smiley moments we all take for granted. You were truly an angel on earth and you are so missed. Many of us hear you and will do our best to remove your earthly remains from the landfill and find you a peaceful memorial eleswhere as soon as we possibly can, we won't give up. You truly are forever in our hearts.

Melissa Prados 03.10.2005 at 13:42
First of all I want to say how sorry I am for everything that has happened to you and your family. What a horrible thing that Ivan has done... i feel he should pay with more than life. Anyways I have been following up with everything that has been going on and i want to let you know you, your family, and brendan are in my prayers. I just recently had a little boy and i guess you dont really know how to feel about situations like this until you have children then everything is totally different...i could never imagine something like this happening to my i just wanted to drop in and say "GOD BLESS"

zarra 03.04.2005 at 17:50
I did not know your family but my family had spent many night crying for Brendan. My husband worked for the Cass county sheriffs office at the time when Brendan went missing. My husband was there searching.
Since that time we have moved to another state. But we still try to find out new info on the case. Rebecca I would like to say to you that my youngist son is close in age to Brendan it seems unfair I have my son to hold and love and your arms are empty, and for that Iam soooo sorry. God bless you for getting up everyday and going on with life. Just remember Brendan is flying with angels and he is happy and loved.


Saiten 03.02.2005 at 14:20
Your all gonna Rott in HELL so quit whining!

laura 02.25.2005 at 02:29
i am sorru about brendan hun .i wish i could help you in any ways. i ran my phone bill up to the hotline to see if thay had any ideal where you could be .i wish we had more clues of where we can find you brendan so we can put you down to rest with the angels above us so thay can watch over you and you can watch over your mom .she needs you brendan . i am so sorry what your dad did to you .and this go's to the mother i wish he had the death penity so he can suffer like brendan did .my heart and my 5 kids heart he for you hun go for it do another search for brendan hun . i hope you find him so you could have him barred so his soul can be with the angels and god .so thay can take care of him .good luck .if you need help call me 2966195

Rachelle 02.17.2005 at 17:46
hey am Janines daugter and i just wanted to say if i didn't have to watch my little sister while thaey were looking for brendan i probaly would have been out looking for him to. i still sit up at woundering if they wiill ever find him. just want to say that am sorry for what your dad did to you. We love and and miss you so very much
love always

janine 02.16.2005 at 12:04
god keep you and yours safe from anymore harm and i know my husband and i will be there again if they resume the search

Administrator 02.16.2005 at 01:29

Although we can appreciate honest criticism and opinions, this website is and will always be about nothing else but for Brendan. It is not a playground for people that are trying to pull the attention and comments toward them rather then the subject of this site.

Hanne Gonzalez

Holly 02.09.2005 at 01:28
i want you to know that im truly sorry for all you and your family have gone through. I have two children of my own and i couldnt imagine what i would do if something happened to them. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Theres not a day goes by that i dont think of him and your family. Take care and god Bless You!!As for you 666 youll get yours

Kathy 02.08.2005 at 01:25
I keep up with the news on Brendan and I'm saddened that he's not found....May Ivan rot in HELL.I commend all the people that did the hard task of looking for him. Thank you Plattsmouth Police Department, Cass County Sheriff's Department, Nebraska State Patrol and all the volenteers. Your hard work will always be appreciated.

Mel 02.08.2005 at 01:24
I am so sorry for what you have gone through the last two years. I have followed your story and I just can not imagine what anyone would be thinking to do something so awful. And people need to stop writing such awful things about an innocent child that did not deserve what has happened to him. My prayers are with you always and forever and I hope you find your little boy because I know you will rest better when you find him. He is a beautiful little boy. I would love to help if you need it. Take care and be strong Brendan would want it that way.

Christina Clark 02.07.2005 at 01:24
May God walk with you in your search... I pray that you find your son, so you may all feel peace. I have 4 children of my own and could not bear not knowing and going through what you all are.I hope they let you keep searching and I for one will sign the are all in our prayers and will be until the day the monster that did this is rotting in Hell.

Connie 02.07.2005 at 01:23
I was horrified to read what 666 wrote. How someone can be that cold and callous. Apparently this person is just another example of evil in this world. Please do not let their sickness take away what is really important and that is Brendan. I have listened to the news and have followed the progress on your search for Brendan. No matter where he is, God is watching over him. May God give you and your family the courage and faith that you need to help you through this ordeal. I also have read other comments that have been written to you and they are touching and heartfelt. My prayers are with you and your family and Brendan. God Bless.

Nicole 02.07.2005 at 01:22
It's horrable enough with how you lost your son,but to know that he is buried in a landfill and can't find him is unimaginable.They need to let you find your son.Ivan will get his the day he meets his maker,there isn't a punishment any court can give him that would be just.Rotting in jail will be a start.Cowards like you 666 who write crap like that thinking your funny and won't get caught will get it too, every time you log on a site your IP address gets stamped and it can be traced!!How funny is that!!

Janie 02.06.2005 at 01:21
This is the first I have heard of you tragic loss, I feel as I must live in a box to not have heard before this, I was at work and read it in the Omaha World Herald, and am absolutely appalled by the whole ordeal! We need to find your son. There has to be a way. I will be thinking of your family and Brendan everyday and praying that you find your son, so he can be put to rest. If I can help in any way please let me know. Peace be with you and your family.

Jordann Gorseth 02.05.2005 at 01:20
Im so sorry what happened to your son!! i have 3 brothers and if i ever lost them i would cry and i dont no there would be a part of me missing! i no wut ur goin through with ur son i hope u find him and i no u will find him! good luck and god bless u;url=http%3a%2f%2fspiritbooks%2ethesitefights%2ecom%2fcgi%2dbin%2fgbsign%2ecgi%3fowner%3dbrendantyler

Mike Romeu 02.05.2005 at 01:19
I forever wish for peace & happiness to fill your life in replacement of the void of the loss of your wonderful son, Brendan Gonzales.;url=http%3a%2f%2fmembers%2ecox%2enet%2fromeumic%2fstart

Beckey Lehr 02.05.2005 at 01:17
Good Luck and God speed.

Administrator 02.16.2005 at 01:16
MESSAGE DELETED!!!  from 666

Although we can appreciate honest criticism and opinions, this website is and will always be about nothing else but for Brendan.  It is not a playground for people that are trying to pull the attention and comments toward them rather then the subject of this site.

Hanne Gonzalez

Ann 02.05.2005 at 01:15
I can not imagine what it would be like to lose a child, especially in such a heinous way as this, by his own psychotic, derranged father. My heart goes out to the family and I pray that you will find Brendan and that will bring some closure to this awful nightmare. I know he can never be replaced, but remember the good times. Remember his bright smile. His beautiful brown eyes. His magical laugh. And as for Ivan, I hope the rest of his life on earth is MISERABLE...he will rot in hell for all eternity with his friend 666. should be ashamed of yourself.

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