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Katie 02.04.2005 at 00:47
I am so very sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful little boy.

Wendy 02.03.2005 at 00:47
I am truly sorry that your son died and i wish your family and friends find your sons body and have a tradtional funeral for him.

Jack and April Alexander 02.03.2005 at 00:45
With our Deepest Sympathy and heartfelt hope that you will one day be reunited with your little man.... Prayers to all..

Brittany 02.03.2005 at 00:44
I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am for your loss. I can't imagine going through that myself, you are truly strong individuals. I would love to help you financially or by helping with your search but I am too pregnant to help with any search and pinching pennies as it is. I understand why you let Ivan come back into your lives, if my son's father were to suddenly 'reappear' I probably would do the same. You made the best decision you could as a mother.

Kristi 02.03.2005 at 00:42
I just want to express my heart felt sadness for you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you.

Rebecca 02.02.2005 at 00:41
I'm so sorry for loss. He was a very cute kid.

Thoughful wishes 02.02.2005 at 00:41
I wish you all the best luck in finding Brendan and may God be with you.

Brad Smith 01.14.2005 at 00:40
I am so deeply saddened by what happened to your son. My heart as a parent goes out to you and your family, and Brendan. Nobody should ever have to go through what you have gone through.I had a thought last night but was not sure where to begin. I found the website and wanted to contact you. I'm sure there has been money raised, but I'm not familiar with anything you may have planned for a memorial site for Brendan.I simply had a thought of helping to raise enough money for a beautiful memorial site where Brendan's spirit can rest, and you and your family can have a place to go and be with him. I read on another website where you may not be ready to do that, which is perfectly understandable. I just wanted to let you know that I am so very sorry for the loss of Brendan and that I would like to help if I can.

Natalie 01.01.2005 at 00:39
I will pray for this young man, and hopful see him again one day.;url=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2eyahoo%2ecom

Teara Bobenmoyer 09.12.2004 at 00:38
I hope that life is treating you kindly and we the people of Plattsmouth, NE will never forget you nor Brendan!!

Nancy and William Boling 08.12.2004 at 00:37
We didnt know you Brendan, but through the eyes and the word of mouth of your Grandmother Hannah, your Mother Becky and your Aunt Nancy we grew to love you as well as we do them. God be with you and grant you eternal happiness. Nancy, Bill, Vickie, Fred and Lenny.

Hannah Rachel 06.17.2004 at 00:36
I have just recently met Nancy, Brendan's 15 year old aunt. I didn't know at the time of meeting her up until a few days ago that she was related to Brendan. I have prayed and thought about Brendan's Family since the day I heard he had disappeared. My family has been doing the same. If the search for Brendan starts up again, I would really like to help in any way possible. My heart goes out to Rebecca and the rest of Brendan's family. I know how it feels to lose a loved one. I wish you the best of luck in finding Brendan. I will be praying always. God BlessHannah Rachel<><

Steve 05.14.2004 at 00:35
I found your site through a link on My deepest sympathies. I am not especially religious, but if you are I hope you find furhter comfort there. Now that I have boys of my own, I pay more attention to stories like this. Your making the effort to spread your story makes us all more aware and sensitive to the children around us, and, in a way, keeps Brendan's spirit alive and growing.

Tracy 04.23.2004 at 00:34
My heart breaks for you. I will keep Brendan's sweet smile in my heart. Your story is so incredibly sad ~ how gracious of you to speak so kindly of all that are helping your search. Bless you...

Darcy Young 03.27.2004 at 00:33
Rebeca, remember that there are people out here that do care about you and that we will help you through anything. We all love you.

Liz 03.23.2004 at 00:32
Keeping yall close in our hearts each and every day. May you seek 'happiness' and 'peace' within~ Love, Liz

Bobbie Strickland 03.19.2004 at 00:32
There are no words I could say to fill the empty space in your hearts your all feeling, I wish there was a way I could help!! Only GOD can do that.

Dana 03.04.2004 at 00:31
Dear Rebecca, Hanna, Nancy, and all of Brendan's family, I just wast to let you know that you will always be in my prayers and thoughts. I know that God will keep you in his care and there are a dozen angels watching you right now. I am only thirteen but I still am 100% praying for you all! sincerely, Dana, Omaha Ne

Amber 02.08.2004 at 00:30
Dear members of Brendan's family, Other people may have lost all hope in finding Brendan but I have a feeling that Brendan might still be alive. If he were dead, I have a feeling that all people would loose hope. But their are some that still believe. I still believe, Amber,13,Lincoln NE

michelle 01.22.2004 at 00:29
hi there rebecca i know its been ahile i been busy working,, how havew u been i know u must be terrible with the one year anniversary just passing i talk to sister angela erevia she comes in to my store and check her out and i ask how your doing shes a wonderful lady.. she reacently asked me if i wanted a precious gift i didnt know what to think she saids that she took all the stuffed toys from the landfill and washed them and she gave most of them to u and she said thers one left if you want it.. i wanted to cry but i accepted she said she will bring it in next time she comes in... well email me if u get the chance may god bless you and brendan

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