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gayla,Texas 07.08.2014 at 02:28
My heart goes out to the family and friends of this sweet little. May God bless you and everyone that is hurt by this

Lisa Burton from Auburn, Georgia 01.27.2014 at 19:29
I am so sorry for the loss of this precious child.  You will see this blessed Angel again! God Bless.

Anne from New York 06.06.2013 at 23:40
I stumbled upon your website while researching something else. I was looking at "Child's Own Studio," and saw your comment that led me to a link about Brendan. Just wanted to express my deepest condolences. What a sweet little guy.

morgan brock 12.28.2012 at 08:50
i am so sorry for your loss, i never knew brenden, but i was deeply touched and words can not begin to express my sorrow for your loss

TOni from Bellevue 08.30.2012 at 10:52
My mother was a part of searching for you since day one the searches started and didn't stop until the very last second in the landfill. May your soul fly high sweet angel, I know my mother is there with you now able to love you as if she knew you in life.

Shawn from plattsmouth 07.19.2012 at 13:56
I went to the landfill and helped in the search. I still think about him., God bless

mumnherboys from Australia 04.28.2012 at 23:28
Please know that people are still thinking of you and your son. What a terrible loss of such a beautiful child.

s.r.w. 10.03.2011 at 23:52
I came across this story while watching 20/20 this evening. My condolences to your family.

Emilly 07.30.2011 at 10:46
i hope that you guys are okay..i am now praying for you guys each and everyday...i seen this case when i was it this program called the talent search program... and we went on the C.S.I. crime lab just to see what they do and and they mention brendan and it was a tear jerking story to me..and the maine thing i was really trying to say is that the c.s.i crime lab is still thinking about you and so am i..(sorryif i wright alot but its all true.)

HANNAH PIPER 05.29.2011 at 17:57
hi everyone thank you so much. i was brendan's best friend. i miss him soo much and i was there for everything for the news cast and the everything! i hope ivan dies of misory and i still hate him that. i wish he would of told us where his body was  the exact spot. but thank you everyone. <3

Stacy 01.26.2011 at 00:30
Hey Rebecca
I was thinking of you and Brendan today so I decided to come by and tell you I miss you and hope you are doing well.

Donnie from Gretna 11.12.2010 at 20:39
I just wanted to say that Brendan's story touches my heart today just as much as it did when it happened. I wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers and that you are not alone in this. Peace be with you.

Nidia 09.21.2010 at 05:22
God bless you and your family.

Vicki from Omaha, NE 09.06.2010 at 17:31
As well as others who have posted on here, I vividly remember seeing this sweet, beautiful boy's face on the news seven years ago. It's hard to believe that it has been that long, because I still think of this poor boy and his family from time to time. I was fifteen years old, and my heart just broke. Thinking about it now makes me cry.

Although I know that the cliched sayings probably mean little to Brendan's family, I am confident that you will see him again, and at this moment, that adorable boy, whose smile melted the hearts of many in Nebraska, is melting the hearts of countless angels in heaven.

God bless.

debbie meza from san diego ca 09.04.2010 at 01:11
my heart goes out to u! as a mother i cant even or dont want to imagine what u must go through each day hope u can find confort in knowing he is in a better place were he will never suffer again. know that he is eagerly waiting  for u and  smiling for the day u will reunite. may god bless u and may he help to keep u strong always!

John Fredricks 08.29.2010 at 11:53
My sympathy goes to Rebecca Gonzalez and I pray God gives you the fortitude to bear the loss....

Nicholas 06.09.2010 at 19:31
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Brenda Ralston from Wichita Kansas 04.30.2010 at 02:04
I am so sorry for your loss. Brendan is a very handsome boy. Just know that someday you will be together again with your beautiful angel. Prayers for you Rebecca, his Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and Brendan. I hope that someday soon you will find Brendan so that he may have the proper resting place that he deserves. Just remember that he can never take your memories from you.

And to Brendan look for my niece. Her name is Amanda Shaffer. She is five years old. She will play with you and help to care for you.
God Bless.

JanZ from Chambersburg, PA 04.22.2010 at 17:04
You are in my prayers and we put your story in our church bulletin so that our parishioners could also pray for you and your family and friends in your endeavour to find Brendan. God Bless!

Tracy 02.25.2010 at 22:53
My son is just down the hill from Brendan's teddy bear memorial.  When weather permits, I have a certain route I follow through the cemetery on my way out.  I ALWAYS include a stop by his teddy bear and a thought for the family.  I vividly remember the day Brendan went missing and the following, painful days.  I sooo wish he had been found!

Always in my heart,


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